UNNES GITA Growth Hub Impact Case Study Questionnaire on Students’ Enterprises


This month, April 2020, we distributed questionnaires via Google form at https://forms.gle/zATJP7upmge3EazH9 for students. The questionnaires were distributed and we got 7 responses.

They were selected to be respondents since they were entrepreneurs who participated at UNNES Growth Hub’s programs. The enterprises are food and beverages, mobile applications, agricultural business, etc. The questionnaires are to evaluate the impacts of the programs, to understand the real business condition and situation of students’ business. The analysis is vital to develop the next programs of UNNES Growth Hub.

The data showed that 100% respondents were glad and excited joining the programs. They felt the positive impacts; such as getting more consumers, experiences, knowledge and networks. Then, they expect to get more programs related to the business development. The three most wanted programs are related to:

1. Business start-up expertise; especially on the business planning and management,
2. Access to funding; such as, supporting the cost when creating mobile apps or more capital for more productions,
3. Marketing supports via e-commerce, social media and other channels.


The detailed description can be seen by clicking the link

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